Buxton to Whaley Bridge and back to Buxton (26 miles)

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First leg- Buxton to Whaley Bridge (12 miles off road)

w1Devonshire Dome w2Palace hotel w4Palace hotel (2) w6Palace hotel (3) w10NCR68 w14NCR68 (2) w15NCR68 (3) w16Harpur hill w18Harpur hill (2) w19Harpur hill (3) w20Harpur hill (4) w22Harpur hill (5) w26Public footpath w30Public footpath (2) w32Public footpath (3) w36HSE site w38HSE site (2) w40Stanley reservoir w44Stanley reservoir (2) w47Grinlow Tower w50View looking back w54Macclesfield Road tunnel w58Old Macclesfield Road w59Towards Burbage tunnel w62Beet Wood w63Beet wood gate w64Beet wood gate (2) w66Beet wood gate (3) w68Goyts mountain w70Goyts mountain (2) w72Goyts mountain (3) w74Burbage tunnel w76Burbage tunnel (2) w78Burbage tunnel (3) w82Wild Moor w84Wild Moor (2) w86Wild Moor (3) w88Wild Moor (4) w89Wild Moor (5) w90Wild Moor (6) w92Goyts car park w100Bunsal Incline w104Bunsal Incline (2) w106Errwood reservoir w108Errwood reservoir (2) w110Errwood reservoir (3) w120Fernilee reservoir w122Fernilee reservoir (2) w124Fernilee reservoir (3) w126Fernilee reservoir (4) w127Fernilee reservoir (5) w128Fernilee reservoir (6) w130Shallcross Incline w132Shallcross Incline (2) w138Shallcross Incline (3) w140Chapel Road Bridge w142Whaley Bridge w144Whaley Bridge (2)

Second leg- Whaley Bridge to Buxton (14 miles)

w146Whaley Bridge (3) w148Whaley Bridge (4) w150Warehouse w152Warehouse (2) w154Warehouse (3) w156Warehouse (4) w158Warehouse (5) w160Whaley bridge basin w162Whaley bridge basin (2) w164Whaley bridge basin (3) w170Horse tunnel w172Peak forest canal w174Footbridge w176Footbridge (2) w178Footbridge (3) w180Footbridge (4) w186Bugsworth Basin w188Bugsworth Basin (2) w190Bugsworth Basin (3) w191Bugsworth Basin (4) w192Bugsworth Basin (5) w196Navigation Inn w200Peak forest tramway w202Peak forest tramway (2) w204Peak forest tramway (3) w210Forge Mill w206Forge Mill (2) w219Charley Lane w216Forge Mill (3) w218Chapel Milton viaducts w220Chapel Milton viaducts (2) w222Chapel Milton viaducts (3) w224Chapel Milton viaducts (4) w226Chapel Milton viaducts (5) w230Chapel-en-le-Frith w234Ashbourne Lane w240Meadow Lane w242Meadow Lane (2) w246Meadow Lane (3) w248Doves Holes Station mootools lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.0

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