Uttoxeter- Hulme End (via the Churnet Valley trail, then the manifold valley trail)- Cromford Junction (via the High peaks trail)- Whatstandwell. (3 days riding- 50 miles)

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Day 1- Newport- Uttoxeter (Train)

Alt10Uttoxeter racecourse Ait12Uttoxeter racecourse 2 Ait14Uttoxeter racecourse 3 Ait16Uttoxeter racecourse 4 Ait18Uttoxeter racecourse 5

Day 2- Uttoxeter- Hulme End (26 miles)

Ait20JCB factory Ait22JCB factory 2 Ait24JCB factory 3 Ait30Bridge Ait32Denstone station Ait34Denstone station 2 Ait36Big chippings Ait38Good views Ait40Near Alton station Ait42Alton station Ait44Alton station 2 Ait46Alton station 3 Ait48Alton station 4 Ait50Alton station 5 Ait52Alton station 6 Ait60Oakamoor station Ait62Oakamoor signalmans house Ait66Oakamoor tunnel Ait64NCR Ait68Oakamoor Ait70Waterhouses Ait72Manifold trail Ait74Old caravans Ait76Beautiful views Alt78Wetton Mill Alt80Back on the trail Alt82Swainley tunnel Alt84Swainley tunnel 2 Alt86Open valley Alt88Hulme End Alt90Hulme End 2 Alt92Hulme End 3 Alt94Ducks Alt96Manifold river Alt98Bank house farm campsite Alt100Hartington bridge Alt102Hulme end toll house

Day 3- Hulme End- Cromford (18 miles)

Alt104Tent away Alt110Off road Alt112Bumpy path Alt114Wolfscote Dale Alt116Sheets of rain Alt118Muddy Alt120NCR crossroads Alt122High peaks Alt124NCR 548 Alt126NCR 54 Alt128Minningglow embankment Alt130Longcliffe goods yard Alt132Longcliffe goods yard 2 Alt134RAF tower longcliffe Alt136Over hanging trees Alt138Abandand mine Alt140Mine cottages Alt142Signalman cottage Alt144Signalman cottage 2 Alt146Hopton descent Alt148Hopton Tunnel Alt150Middleton Top Alt152Middleton Top 2 Alt154Middleton Top 3 Alt158Middleton Top 4 Alt160Middleton Top 5 Alt156Middleton Top 6 Alt162Middleton Quarry Alt164Engine House 2 Alt166Sheep pasture descent Alt168Overun bunker Alt170High Peak Junction Alt172Tunnel under A6 Alt174Looking back Alt175HPJ workshop Alt176High peaks junction Alt178Wheatcroft’s Wharf Alt180Cromford Wharf 2 Alt182Cromford Wharf 3 Alt184Cromford Wharf 4 Alt186Alison house hotel Alt187Alison house campsite Alt188Alison house 2 Alt190Alison house 3

Day 4- Cromford- Whatstandwell via Crich (6 miles)

Alt192Masson Mills Alt194Masson Mills 2 Alt196Masson Mills 3 Alt198Masson Mills 4 Alt200Cromford mills Alt202Cromford mills 2 Alt204Cromford church Alt206High peaks Alt208Cromford canal wharehouse Alt210Leawood Pumphouse Alt212John smedley mill Alt214Crich museum Alt216Crich museum 2 Alt218Crich museum 3 Alt220Crich museum 4 Alt222Crich museum 5 Alt224Crich museum 6 Alt226Approach to station Alt228Over a bridge Alt230Whatstandwell station Alt232Whatstandwell station 2 Alt234Whatstandwell station 3 mootools lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.0

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