4 days Cycling up and down the Welsh valleys

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Day 1- Port Talbot to Port Tennant (via the Afan valley, 33 miles)

sw2Swansea castle sw6Swansea station sw10Port Talbot station sw12River Afan sw14River Afan (2) sw16Pontrhydyfen aqueduct sw17Pontrhydyfen aqueduct (2) sw18Pontrhydyfen aqueduct (3) sw19Inside the log shed sw20Looking back sw21Cutting sw30Cutting (2) sw32The Cymmer viaduct sw35GlynCorrwg sw36Glyncorrwg centre sw38Glyncorrwg centre (2) sw40Glyncorrwg centre (3) sw44Glyncorrwg centre (4) sw45Mynydd Resolfen sw46Resolven wind farm sw47Resolven wind farm (2) sw48Service road sw58Resolven canal basin sw60Waterfall sw62Aberdulias Basin sw64Aberdulais bridges sw66Aberdulais Tin Works sw67Aberdulais Works (2) sw69Aberdulais Works (3) sw70Neath Abbey sw72Neath Abbey (2) sw74Neath Abbey (3) sw76Neath Abbey (4) sw78Neath Abbey (5)

Day 2- Port Tennant to Crosshands (33 miles)

sw100Old railway stanchions sw102Anti-aircraft gun sw104Copperworks sw108Bascule Bridge sw110Liberty stadium sw114New bridge sw115Clydach bridge sw116Mond Nickel Works sw120Clydach museum sw122Clydach museum (2) sw124Clydach museum (3) sw128Swansea canal sw130Gleision memorial sw132Gleision memorial (2) sw134Gleision memorial (3) sw140River Tawe cycle path sw142Mynydd Marchywell sw144Afon Twrch weir sw145Gurnos Canal sw146Afon Twrch weir (2) sw148Ynyscedwyn Iron works sw150Lower Brynamman bridge sw152Old bridge sw154Signal box

Day 3- Cross Hands to Port Eynon (37 miles)

sw200Old man of Tumble sw204NCR 47 sw210Bridge sw212LMMR sw216LMMR (2) sw218LMMR (3) sw220Intake tower sw224Stainless steel eye sw226Stainless steel eye (2) sw228The Discovery Centre sw230Discovery Centre (2) sw234Cheeky bird sw236Discovery Centre (3) sw238Discovery Centre (4) sw240Discovery Centre (5) sw242Loughor marches sw244Bynea bridge sw246Bynea bridge sw248Loughor castle sw250Loughor castle (2) sw254Loughor castle (3) sw256Llanrhidian Marsh sw258Llanrhidian Marsh (2) sw260Reynoldston hill sw262Reynoldston hill (2) sw264Reynoldston hill (3) sw266Reynoldston hill (4) sw268Reynoldston hill (5) sw270Reynoldston hill (6) sw272Reynoldston hill (7) sw278Port Eynon memorial sw279Big anchor sw280Port Eynon YHA sw284YHA (2) sw286YHA (3)

Day 4- Port Eynon to Swansea (18 miles)

sw400Window view sw404A puncher sw408Salt house sw410Salt house (2) sw412Salt house (3) sw416Salt house (4) sw418Views back sw420Oxwich castle sw422Oxwich castle (2) sw426Oxwich castle (3) sw428Oxwich castle (4) sw430Oxwich sw432Oxwich bay sw434Penrice gatehouse sw438Penrice gatehouse (2) sw440Penrice gatehouse (3) sw442Penrice gatehouse (4) sw446Caswell sw448Caswell (2) sw450Oystermouth castle sw452Oystermouth castle (2) sw454Oystermouth castle (3) sw455Oystermouth castle (4) sw456Oystermouth castle (5) sw462Oystermouth castle (6) sw466Mumbles mud flats sw468Mumbles pier sw470Terminal sw474Cycle bridge sw478Mumbles cyle path sw480Blackpill sw482Blackpill (2) sw484Blackpill (3) sw486Slip bridge sw488Slip bridge (2) sw490Victoria quay sw492Victoria quay (2) sw494Helwick sw496Waterfront Museum sw498Waterfront Museum (2) sw500Waterfront Museum (3) mootools lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.0

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