Switzerland, Germany and France along the Rhine river

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Day 1- Newport to Zürich (flying BA)

r2Zürich airport r4Zürich station r8Zürich station (2)

Day 2- Lake Zürich (20 miles)

r10Zürich lake r12Lindt Chocolate factory r14Lindt Chocolate factory (2) r16Lindt Chocolate factory (3) r18Zürich steam ship r20Lindt Chocolate factory (4) r25Zürich steam ship (2) r26Zürich steam ship (3) r29Zürich steam ship (4) r30Zürich steam ship (5)

Day 3- Zürich to Bad Säckingen (45 miles)

r32Wettingen power plant r36Wooden bridge r378Baden (2) r377Baden r379Baden (3) r38Old Tower r40Bottsteim r50River Aare bridge r52River Aare bridge r54Looking to Germany r56Looking to Germany (2) r58WW2 bunker r60Looking North r64Looking South r68Baby duck r70WW2 bunker (2) r71WW2 bunker (3) r72Swiss Military Museum r73Swiss Military Museum (2) r74Swiss Military Museum (3) r75Swiss Military Museum (4) r76Swiss Military Museum (5) r78Deutschland r79Leibstadt hydroelectric r80Looking away r82Another bunker r84Another bunker (2) r86Swiss listed r88Toll bridge r90Toll bridge (2) r92Laufenburg r94View from bridge r96Bad Säckingen r110Hotel Fridolin r100Hotel Fridolin (2) r102Hotel Fridolin (3) r114Holzbrücke bridge r116Holzbrücke bridge (2) r119Gallusturm tower

Day 4- Bad Säckingen to Neuenburg am Rhein (46 miles)

r120Air ambulance r121Schloss Beuggen r122Schloss Beuggen (2) r124Schloss Beuggen (3) r128Schloss Beuggen (4) r130Schloss Beuggen (5) r131Schloss Beuggen (6) r140Rheinfelden-Baden r142Rheinfelden-Baden (2) r144Rheinfelden-Baden (3) r146Rheinfelden-Baden (4) r150Kraftwerk Augst r160Basel r162Basel (2) r164Basel (3) r170Basel (4) r180Rhine path r182Rhine path (2) r184Rhine path (3) r200Neuenburg am Rhein r202Neuenburg am Rhein (2) r204Neuenburg am Rhein (3)

Day 5- Neuenburg am Rhein to Breisach (train) then to Rust (23 miles)

r220Müllheim (Baden) station r222Cycle carriage r224Cycle carriage r230Breisach Museum R231Breisach streets r232Breisach Cathedral r240Gasthaus zur Limburg r242Blue fire

Day 6- Europark Rust

r248Europark r250Europark (2) r252Europark (3) r254Europark (4) r256Europark (5) r258Europark (6) r260Europark (7)

Day 7- Rust to Strasbourg airport (25 miles)

r300Trulantica r408Rhine sports club r410Pierre Pflimlin r412Les secrets du chocolat. r418Strasbourg airport mootools lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1 mootools lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.0

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