Newport to Bath (via the Bristol Bath cycle route)- Bath to East Stour- East Stour to Poole/ Bournmouth. (3 days riding- 124 miles)

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Day 1- Newport to Bath (42 miles)

P2-06Severn bridge P2-08Bypass P2-10Church farm colliery P2-12Mangotsfield station P2-13Warmley station P2-14Warmley signal box P2-15Avon valley railway P2-17Avon valley railway 2 P2-19Avon valley railway 3 P2-21Bitton station P2-23Back on the track P2-24Bath Green Park station P2-26Bath Green Park station 2 P2-27Bath Green Park station front

Day 2- Bath to East Stour (42 miles)

P2-30St James cemetery Bath P2-32St James cemetery Bath 2 P2-34St James cemetery Bath 3 P2-36Start of the 2 tunnels P2-38Linear park P2-40Linear park 2 P2-42Linear park 3 P2-44Devonshire Tunnel P2-46Combe Down tunnel P2-48Midford castle P2-50Midford station P2-52Bath stone P2-60To Radstock P2-62Radstock colliers wheel P2-65View from cafe P2-70Approaching Longleat P2-74Longleat P2-76Longleat 2 P2-78Longleat 3 P2-80Leaving Longleat P2-84Longleat gatehouse P2-86Leaving Longleat 2 P2-90Beware of animals P2-92Path across field P2-94Wooden bike sculpture P2-96Stourhead manor P2-98Stourhead manor 2 P2-100Stourhead manor gatehouse P2-102Stourhead manor gardens

Day 3- East Stour to Poole and finaly Bournemouth (40 miles)

P2-104North Dorset Trailway P2-106Hambledon Hill P2-108North Dorset Railway P2-110Shillingstone station P2-112Shillingstone station 2 P2-114Shillingstone station 3 P2-116The path continues P2-118New bridge P2-120View forward P2-125Stourpaine station P2-128Stourpaine church P2-130Stourpaine vilage P2-132Workmans hut P2-134Strange bridge P2-136Approaching Blanford P2-138Remnants of a viaduct P2-140New bridge P2-144Back on the track P2-146Charlton Marshall Halt P2-148Approaching Spetisbury P2-150Spetisbury station project P2-151Spetisbury station project P2-153Stour & Crawford bridge P2-152White Mill P2-154Wimbourne Minster church P2-156New bridge P2-158Back on the S&DR P2-160The Lord Nelson P2-162Coke P2-164Brancsome Beach P2-166Brancsome Beach 2 P2-172Cliff railway P2-174Cliff railway 2 P2-178Tethered balloon

Day 5- Bournemouth to Newport (train)

P2-188Going home mootools lightbox galleryby v6.0

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