The Exe Estuary Trail

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Day 1- Dawlish to Exmouth via Exeter (28 miles)

e236Dawlish station e02Dawlish coastal path e06The Anchor Inn e10Starcross e12Starcross (2) e14Starcross (3) e16Atmospheric railway Inn e18The Exe Estuary Trail e22Powderham Castle e24Powderham Castle (2) e28Powderham Castle (3) e32The Exe Estuary Trail (2) e34Topsham locks e36Topsham locks (2) e40Topsham lock cottage e44Exeter ship canal e46Canal Bascule bridge e48Canal Bascule bridge (2) e50Canal Bascule bridge (3) e56The river Exe e60Miller's crossing e64Miller's crossing (2) e66Miller's crossing (3) e70The river Exe (2) e76The customs house e80Exeter quays e82Exeter quays (2) e84Exeter quays (3) e88Exeter quays (4) e90Exeter quays (5) e94Countess Wear Mill e96Countess Wear Mill (2) e104Countess Wear house e108Countess Wear house (2) e112River Clyst bridge e124RSPB Bowling Green Marsh e125Topsham e126Topsham (2) e127Topsham (3) e128River Exe (3) e130Lympstone e132Lympstone (2) e134Lympstone (3) e136Lympstone (4) e138Lympstone (5) e140Lympstone (6) e142Lympstone (7) e143Lympstone (8) e144Exton bridge e145River Exe (4) e147Lympstone Manor e146The river Exe trail e148The Royal Beacon

Day 2- Exmouth to Dawlish via ferry (8 miles)

e152Exmouth beach e156Exmouth beach (2) e160Exmouth Marina e164Exmouth Marina (2) e166Exmouth Marina (3) e168Starcross ferry e170Starcross ferry (2) e174Starcross ferry (3) e176Starcross ferry (4) e180Exmouth Harbour e184Leaving the harbour e186Leaving the harbour (2) e188River Exe (5) e190River Exe (6) e200River Exe (7) e202River Exe (8) e204River Exe (9) e208River Exe (10) e210Starcross ferry (5) e212Starcross ferry (6) e214Starcross ferry (7) e216Starcross ferry (8) e218Starcross ferry (9) e220Starcross ferry (10) e222Starcross bridge e224Starcross bridge (2) e226Dawlish Warren e228Dawlish Warren (2) e230Dawlish coastal path (2) e234Dawlish coastal path (3) e244The Old Mill Tea Room e246Dawlish Water e240Dawlish black swans e248Dawlish station mootools lightbox galleryby v6.0

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