The Ironbridge Gorge- It’s like going back in time!

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Day 1- Kidderminster to Telford (train) then onto Ironbridge (11 miles)

Brid2Smethwick Galton Bridge brid4Stourbridge shuttle Brid10Telford Brid16Telford park Brid18Dawley & Stirchley Brid20Madeley Court windmill Brid24Madeley Market station Brid28Blists hill museum Brid30Blists hill (2) Brid32Bike shop Brid36Bike shop (2) Brid38Grocery store Brid40Chemists Brid44Chemists (2) Brid42Main street Brid46Blacksmiths Brid48Post office Brid50Madeley Wood Co Brid52Madeley Wood Co (2) Brid54Puffing Devil Brid56Puffing Devil (2) Brid58Plumbers Brid60Small iron foundry Brid62Puffing Devil (3) Brid64Shropshire Canal Brid65Hay Inclined Plane Brid66Hay Inclined Plane (2) Brid67Hay Inclined Plane (3) Brid68Hay Inclined Plane (4) Brid70Hay Inclined Plane (5) Brid72Hay Inclined Plane (6) Brid74A little mine Brid76Another inclined plane Brid78Steam powered pump Brid80Steam powered pump (2) Brid84Original foundry Brid86GR Morton ironworks Brid88GR Morton ironworks (2) Brid90GR Morton ironworks (3) Brid92GR Morton ironworks (4) Brid94GR Morton ironworks (5) Brid96GR Morton ironworks (6) Brid98Stables Brid100Bridge entrance Brid102Lee Dingle Bridge Brid104The local pub Brid106Blists hill cafe Brid110Jackfield Brid114Jackfield (2) Brid116Severn Valley way Brid120Ironbridge Toll house Brid122Tontine hotel Brid124Ironbridge view Brid126Ironbridge view (2) Brid127Ironbridge view (3) Brid128Bedlam funaces Brid130The Swan hotel Brid140River Severn Brid142Ironbridge at night

Day 2- Ironbridge- Coalport- Madeley- Coalbrookdale- Ironbridge (10 miles)

Brid144River Severn (2) Brid146Museum of the Gorge Brid147Merrythought Teddys Brid148Lime Kilns Brid158Jackfield Tile Museum Brid160Jackfield Tile Museum (2) Brid162Jackfield Tile Museum (3) Brid164Underground tiles Brid168Jackfield Tile Museum (4) Brid170Jackfield Tile Museum (5) Brid172Maw & Co Brid174Maw & Co (2) Brid176Maw & Co (3) Brid178Maw & Co (4) Brid180Coalport China Museum Brid182Coalport China Museum (2) Brid184Coalport China Museum (3) Brid186Coalport China Museum (4) Brid188Coalport China Museum (5) Brid190Coalport China Museum (6) Brid192Coalport China Museum (7) Brid194Coalport China Museum (8) Brid196Shropshire canal Brid198Shropshire canal (2) Brid200Shropshire canal (3) Brid202Hay inclined plane Brid203Tar tunnels Brid204Rosedale house Brid206Coalbrookdale viaduct Brid208Old garage Brid210Coalbrookdale viaduct (2) Brid212Coalbrookdale Brid214Coalbrookdale (2) Brid216Coalbrookdale (3) Brid218Coalbrookdale (4) Brid220Coalbrookdale (5) Brid222Coalbrookdale (6) Brid224Coalbrookdale (7) Brid226Coalbrookdale (8) Brid228Coalbrookdale (9) Brid330Coalbrookdale (10) Brid332Green Wood Centre cafe Brid331Ironbridge power station

Day 3- Ironbridge to Bridgnorth (9 miles), then Kidderminster (train)

Brid333Coalport station Brid335Coalport station hut Brid336Derelict house Brid338Severn Valley path Brid340Linley Halt Brid342Linley Halt (2) Brid344Bridgnorth Brid346Bridgnorth (2) Brid348Bridgnorth (3) Brid350Cliff railway Brid352Cliff railway (2) Brid354Cliff railway (3) Brid356Bridgnorth railway Brid357Bridgnorth castle Brid360Bridgnorth railway (2) Brid362Bridgnorth railway (2) Brid364Bridgnorth railway (3) Brid366Bridgnorth railway (4) Brid368Bridgnorth railway (5) Brid370Bridgnorth railway (6) Brid373Bridgnorth railway (7) Brid374Bridgnorth railway (8) Brid376Bridgnorth railway (9) Brid378Bridgnorth railway (10) Brid380Bridgnorth railway (11) Brid382Bridgnorth railway (12) Brid384Bridgnorth railway (13) Brid386Bridgnorth railway (14) Brid388Bridgnorth railway (15) Brid390Bewdley (3) Brid392Bewdley (4) Brid396Bridgnorth railway (16) Brid397Bridgnorth railway (17) Brid398View from train Brid399View from train (2) Brid400Kidderminster station Brid402Kidderminster station (2) Brid404Kidderminster station (3) Brid406Kidderminster station (4) Brid408Kidderminster station (5) mootools lightbox galleryby v6.1 mootools lightbox galleryby v6.0

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