West Wales coast to coast

Pembrokeshire, a beautiful overlooked part of Wales.

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Day 1- Arrival in Pembroke Dock (train + 5 miles)

Pem10Pembroke Station Pem12Pembroke Station (2) Pem14Pembroke Station (3) Pem1110Hobbs Point Pem1100Hobbs Point (2) Pem26Meyrick Street Pem34Defensible Barracks Pem30Defensible Barracks (2) Pem36Defensible Barracks (3) Pem40West Martello Tower Pem42Royal Dockyard wall Pem44Haven buoy Pem48Tank trap Pem60Royal Dockyard gates Pem64Royal Dockyard gates (2) Pem66Royal Dockyard gates (3) Pem62Royal Dockyard gates (4) Pem68Royal Dockyard gates (5) Pem70Officers Quarters Pem72Captain Superintendent Pem74Sunderland Flying Boat Pem80Sunderland ops tower Pem82Sunderland ops tower (2) Pem84Sunderland ops tower (3) Pem86Dock wall Pem20North East Dockyard Tower

Day 2- Pembroke Circular (37 miles)

Pem314St Elidyr Church Pem315St Elidyr Church (2) Pem316Unloved house Pem320The gardeners cottage Pem322Cheriton Bottom path Pem323Lodge park bridge Pem324Lodge park bridge (2) Pem325Cawdor Estate dairy Pem326Cawdor Estate stables Pem328Cawdor Estate stables (2) Pem334Cawdor Estate Farm Pem338Cawdor Estate Farm (2) Pem340Eight Arch Bridge Pem342Eight Arch Bridge (2) Pem344Bosherston Lily Ponds Pem345Bosherston Lily Ponds Pem346Broadhaven Beach Pem348Broadhaven Beach (2) Pem349Broadhaven Beach (3) Pem351Coastal path Pem356Coastal path (2) Pem358Trevallen tank range Pem359Trevallen tank range (2) Pem361Trevallen tank range (3) Pem362Trevallen tank range (4) Pem363St Govan's chapel Pem364St Govan's chapel (2) Pem365St Govan's chapel (3) Pem366Trevallen radar station Pem367Castlemartin tank range Pem368Filmston Chapel Pem372Castlemartin tank range (2) Pem373Merrion Army Camp Pem374Merrion Army Camp Pem376Castlemartin tank range (3) Pem377Valero Refinery Pem378Freshwater West Pem379Shell Cottage Pem380War Memorial Pem382Anti-aircraft battery Pem383Anti-aircraft battery (2) Pem384RAF Angle Airfield Pem385RAF Angle Airfield (2) Pem386East Blockhouse Battery Pem387East Blockhouse Battery (2) Pem388East Blockhouse Battery (3) Pem389East Blockhouse Battery (4) Pem391East Blockhouse Battery (5) Pem392East Blockhouse Battery (6) Pem393Thorne Island pem1000Thorne Island (2) pem395Chapel Bay Fort pem396Chapel Bay Fort (2) pem397Chapel Bay Fort (3) Pem398Angle Bay Pem400Angle Bay petro-chem Pem402Fort Popton Pem410Mill Back Road Pem412Mill Beck Road (2) Pem420Monkton Hall Pem421Monkton Hall (2) Pem430Pemboke Castle Pem432Derelict house Pem434Pemboke Castle (2) Pem436Pembroke River Pem440Pembroke Workhouse Pem442Pembroke Workhouse

Day 3- Pembroke to Tenby (7 miles)

Pem498Pumphouse Pem500Milton Pem502Milton pumping station Pem503Carew Tidal Mill Pem506Carew Castle Pem508Carew Castle Pem510Carew Inn Pem512Carew Cheriton School Pem514Church Of St Mary Pem520Cheriton control tower Pem522Cheriton control tower (2) Pem524Cheriton control tower (3) Pem526Cheriton control tower (4) Pem590No idea Pem592Kiln Park Pem594Kiln Park (2) Pem596Tenby Walls Pem598Tenby Walls (2)

Day 4- Tenby (walking)

Pem610Tenby North Beach Pem612Tenby North Beach (2) Pem614Castle Hill Pem616Castle Hill (2) Pem618Castle Hill (3) Castle Hill (3)Castle Hill (4)

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