Four days cycling the route of the Settle Carlisle railway

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Day 2- Settle to Cowgill (23 miles)

s2-2Settle s2-10Settle station s2-12Settle station (2) s2-14Settle station (3) s2-18Settle station (4) s2-24Watershed Mill s2-26Helwith bridge s2-28Horton s2-29Horton (2) s2-30Horton (3) s2-32Ribblehead viaduct s2-34Ribblehead viaduct (2) s2-38Ribblehead viaduct (3) s2-48Chapel-Le-Dale s2-40Chapel-Le-Dale (2) s2-42Chapel-Le-Dale (3) s2-46Chapel-Le-Dale (4) s2-49Chapel-Le-Dale (5) s2-52Ribblehead viaduct (4) s2-68Ribblehead station s2-72Ribblehead station (2) s2-74Ribblehead station (2) s2-76Ribblehead station (3) s2-78Ribblehead station (4) s2-80Ribblehead station (5) s2-100Shepard's house s2-102Newby Head Gate s2-106Dent head Viaduct s2-108Dent head Viaduct (2) s2-110Dent head Viaduct (3) s2-120Arten Gill viaduct s2-128The Sportsman's Inn

Day 3- Cowgill to Kirkby Stephen (19 miles + 6 extra miles)

s3-10Coal road s3-12Coal road (2) s3-14Coal road (3) s3-16Dent Station s3-18Dent Station (2) s3-20Dent Station (3) s3-22Dent Station (4) s3-24Dent Station (5) s3-28Dent Station (6) s3-30Dent Station (7) s3-32Lea Yeat s3-34Lea Yeat (2) s3-36Lea Yeat (3) s3-38Lea Yeat (4) s3-50Garsdale Station s3-52Garsdale Station (2) s3-54Garsdale Station (3) s3-56Garsdale Station (4) s3-58Garsdale Station (5) s3-60Garsdale Station (6) s3-62Dandry Mire viaduct s3-64Zion chapel s3-66Dandry Mire viaduct (2) s3-68Zion chapel (2) s3-70Moorcock Inn s3-74Moorcock Inn s3-82Lunds viaduct s3-88B6259 s3-90B6259 (2) s3-92Hartley Fell s3-98Pendragon Castle s3-100Pendragon Castle (2) s3-104Pendragon Castle (3) s3-112Bad weather s3-120Pod Gill viaduct s3-126Merry Gill viaduct s3-130Franks bridge s3-140St Stephen's Church s3-144St Stephen's Church (2) s3-190St Stephen's Church (3)

Day 4- Kirkby Stephen to Langwathby (34 miles)

s4-20Kirkby Stephens station s4-24Kirkby Stephens station (2) s4-26Kirkby Stephens station (3) s4-28Kirkby Stephens station (4) s4-30Smardale viaduct s4-31Smardale viaduct (2) s4-32Smardale Gill s4-33Smardale Gill (2) s4-34Smardale Gill (3) s4-36Smardale Gill (4) s4-37Smardale Gill (5) s4-40Ford s4-42Crosby Garrett s4-50Appleby s4-60Appleby station s4-62Appleby station (2) s4-70Acorn Bank s4-72Acorn Bank Garden s4-76Culgaith Signal s4-80Culgaith Station s4-84Weather s4-86Weather (2) s4-96Langwathby station s4-100Shepherds Inn

Day 5- Langwathby to Carlisle (22 miles)

s5-10St Cuthbert's church s5-12Lazonby station s5-18Armathwaite viaduct s5-20Armathwaite station s5-21Armathwaite signal box s5-22Cumwhinton station

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